5 Oddly Aged Mailboxes Resembling Disney Characters & Famous People

Today, I decided to go on a little walk in Newport Beach, Orange County and stumbled upon a ritzy neighborhood. (Not hard to do in Newport.) To my surprise, I found several, somewhat out of place, weathered mailboxes that really caught my eye. They’re all really cute – so cute in fact that I decided to name them – after what other than Disney Characters and famous people! 

Check ’em out:

1. Dopey – Underestimated in charm but has a major cute factor going for him. 

2. The 3 Stooges – Comedy, just pure comedy.    

3. Anastasia, Drizella, and the Stepmom – Almost pretty, until you get close up and realize they’re as big a mess on the outside as the inside.

4. Charlie’s Angels – Major stare down. Obviously ready to kick butt.  mailboxes orange county

5. Nsync – Aligned, poised, in unison…I can almost hear them singing Bye Bye Bye. Starting from the left we have Justin, JC, Lance, Joey, and ….some unknown member.  
Hope you had fun reading! Do you have a better name for these melodramatic mailboxes? Comment below with your ideas!! 😉 

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