I had the pleasure of working with Bethany at a mutual home improvement client’s business.  Bethany was responsible for developing a social media strategy that also incorporated SEO to support the new website launch Verity Marketing Solutions was providing.  Her work was extremely creative in defining solutions for such a narrow market.  She combined both B2B and B2C marketing in her strategy which created an authority level on both sides of the equation heightening their role online overall with the waterfall effect on SEO.  Bethany is delightful to work with in every way.  Her writing, creativity and strategy proved to move the needle for this client, earning her multi-year renewal with the client.

Michelle Williams Verity Marketing

“I was looking to brand myself as a real estate specialist in the Reno/Tahoe area. I enlisted in Bethany’s expertise and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Anyone knows that powerful copywriting is a necessity in this industry. You can’t just post a photo and hope the house sells. Bethany has a magical way of creating stories and painting pictures with her words. I also enlisted in her help to build my Facebook and Google+ networks. In the first month I saw a huge growth in followers and my total reach on Facebook increased by 1,850%. Definitely recommend Bethany’s services to grow your brand and establish credibility online.”

Neal Fincher Sierra Nevada

“Bethany Michaels has been an incredible resource for my business and clientele. Not only has Bethany helped take my business blog to the next level, reviewed and edited works to be published, and helped organize content, she has also assisted several people I know. I have seen Bethany help a client of mine take his ideas from mere thoughts to a fully published book in a short-time-frame.

Bethany is witty, creative and talented. She brilliantly merges her education and humor to create an experience for her clients that is timely, efficient and an overall great experience! As I gear up to publish my own book, Bethany is my only editor I consider to be capable and happy to take on the job.”

Channell Holmgren

“As a current client of Bethany Michaels, I felt compelled to to write a testimonial on her behalf. Bethany has been a valuable asset to me and my business. She has demonstrated a level of knowledge and expertise beyond that of her competitors. Since consulting with Ms. Michaels and utilizing the skills that she presents, my business has elevated to the next level. I would strongly recommend her to any of my colleagues.”

Bart Pate Coldwell

“Bethany’s expertise in copywriting and marketing helped aid our office of over 50+ real estate agents take their business to the next level. She provided compelling marketing collateral to consumers, offered strategic marketing classes to our agents and was a powerful speaker at events. Our company liaison and PR specialist, I would highly recommend Bethany to anyone looking for practical solutions to increase leads, establish their brand and magnify their online presence.”

Darrell Plummer

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