DIY Pretty Phone Charger Case

One day, I was perusing Pinterest and found a pretty cool DIY to camouflage your phone when it’s charging in a pretty case,  but the amount of work it took was enough to drive me crazy. After step 1 billion, I kinda wanted to pull my hair out. So today I want to share with you an easier version of this DIY phone charger holder thingy with the same amount of cuteness and half (or more) the amount of fuss. Plus, you most likely have all of these things laying around your house anyway, so it’s environmentally friendly too!

Phone Charger Holder Case DIY

iphone charge holder

I don’t have step by step photos, but I can surely explain in a simple way how I got from this:

To this:

It doesn’t have to be a Victoria’s Secret gift card box, it can be any little box that is big enough (or small enough) to fit your phone inside.

All I did was:

1) Find 2 different patterned craft papers from my hoarders stash that I thought would look cute together.

2) Cut one patterned paper to shape, and insert inside the bottom box to make sure it fit and glue in place.

phone case

3) Then I wrapped the other patterned paper around the front of the box and taped the excess flaps of paper on the inside where it’s not visible.

As a final touch, I added a dried flower to the front, cuz, well, you can never go wrong with dried flowers in my book. I simply glued down with a glue stick. No fancy shmancy mod podge needed.


If you ♥’d this little project, you might also like my DIY Chalkboard project where I transform a cabinet door into a cute chalkboard for your home.

Until next time,

Bethany Michaels


DIY Chalkboard with Dumpster Dive Find

I work for a really fun kitchen remodeling business, Mr. Cabinet Care. They recently were voted the #1 Kitchen Remodeling Company by People’s Choice in the OC Register for 2014. (Thanks for letting me brag.)

Every week, our woodworkers at Mr. Cabinet Care are forced to throw out custom-made cabinet doors due to measurement issues or clients who changed their minds unexpectedly. Because I am a dumpster dive fanatic, it’s nearly impossible for me watch these perfectly beautiful cabinet doors be hauled away to the junk yard. So, instead, I have decided to rescue and recycle them for a whole new use – home decor!

DIY chalkboard

This DIY project was so simple! I just painted the recessed part a bright blue chalk board paint from Martha Stewart and let dry. I repeated two more times to ensure complete coverage – and I’m so thrilled with how it turned out. Now I can use it to write daily quotes or inspiring ideas, like this:

white chalkboard

Waking up to words that encourage me toward love is a great way to start my day.

I also like experimenting with different color combos. Instead of keeping this cabinet door white, I painted with a soft blue and paired it with grey chalkboard paint. I’m looking forward to inviting friends over for dinner and welcoming them with this cute display.

chalk board

Hope you enjoyed my little project,

Bethany Michaels

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How-to Paint a Tin Can in (Basically) Zero Seconds

Most of you may know me as a huuuuuge exaggerator. I can’t help  it. When it’s hot, it may as well be 1,000 degrees. And when it’s cold, it may as well be negative degrees. So when I say that you can transform a tin can with paint in zero seconds, I mean more like 30 seconds. You might be thinking – 30 seconds?! Aren’t you still exaggerating? My answer is -no! On my honor, I’m being honest. It literally took me 30 seconds to paint this adorable tin can. If you want to add a second coat, you’ll definitely add some time to your watch, but it’s still is a quick and simple project nonetheless.
Follow along for simple instructions paired with photos:

Step 1: Peel Off Label

tin can DIY

Start with a clean tin can. Rinse under warm water for a few moments to make it easier to peel off the label. Proceed to peel off the label. (Yay for common sense!)

Step 2: Get Your Paint Ready

martha stewart paint

For this project, I used Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Decor Paint in Parisian Blue. I love that it’s water-based and non toxic. You can find it at Michaels for under $6 bucks.

*Quick hint: Michaels offers coupons for 40-50% off their items, so I suggest signing up to receive their emails or searching for their coupons online to save even more.)

Step 3: Paint Your Can

Martha Stewart paint

Proceed to paint your tin can. Hold it at the top and rotate while you go. It took me 30 seconds to finish. Also, I might add, I’m okay with imperfections. So if you’re more obsessive compulsive about even looking paint, then it might take you a little bit longer. Plus, like I said before, if you want to paint a second coat, absolutely feel free. Just don’t hold me to that 30 seconds promise I made you earlier. 😉

Step 4: Let Dry

photo 1 (2)

After you’re happy with how your tin can looks, let it dry. It took only about an hour for mine to dry entirely.

Step 5: Prettify your Can

You can use your painted tin to hold a beautiful flower arrangement when it’s in season.

Or you can use it on your desk to hold your favorite pens, in hopes to inspire some musings.

Or, you can fill with DIY paper flowers and perch upon a mini shelf like I did here:

instagram wall art

I’m loving these days of DIY. How would you decorate your tin can and what would you store in it? Comment below and share your ideas!


Bethany Michaels