How Apple Watch Introduced Me to My Neighbor


So yesterday, I was laying in bed like a lazy chick. (Ok, not that lazy…I had a LONG day of filming and was on my feet all day.) But – I glance at my Apple Watch and notice I haven’t met my goal yet for my daily activity. So I say to myself,  “Self, let’s go on a walk with your activity App.” I strap on my shoes, start a new workout on my watch, and start my walk in my neighborhood.

After about 5 minutes of walking, I stumbled upon a neighbor playing basketball. I introduced myself being the extrovert that I am. He asked me – “you just on a stroll?”

“Why Yes” I told him – “I’m trying to get my steps in cuz: I’m 30, single, and working on my beach bod. Plus, my Apple Watch reminded me.”

Well, guess what?! He flicks his wrist and shows off….HIS NEW APPLE WATCH TOO!

We immediateLY became Best friends. soul sisters. Watch Warriors. Apple Aficionados. Whatever you want to call it – we made a watch match.

This led to an hour of playing basketball, conversations about life, and meeting his other (single!!!) guy roommates. Too much fun to say the least.

Just had to share my story with you. Thank you, Apple Watch, for introducing me to cool people. If I end up marrying the guy, you’ll get a part 2 of this letter. And an invite to the wedding.


CEO Content Social Media Queen, Inc.

(I signed up for a business account with Apple too! Yay.)


“We Don’t Know How to Twitter”

So, if you didn’t know – Netflix still has this semi-ancient subscription option for people like my mom. Apparently you can order DVD’s in the mail and they ship them directly to you.

I imagine it’s kinda like reading a book. I haven’t quite had the experience myself, but I heard from my grandma that there’s something thrilling about turning the pages of a good book, catching its distinct booky scent, and whatnot.

In the same sense, with #DVDme, subscribers get the enchanting experience of opening up their DVD, feeling the crisp cold disc in their hands, and pressing that ever so satisfying play button as they await their movie fate.

Call me crazy, but you know how all these old school styles are coming back to haunt us…like overalls and those audaciously short skirts like Cher rocked in Clueless? Well, it may be 2018 but I think this DVD thing that Netflix has goin’ on is here to stay.

I mean, they even have a Twitter account.

To entice subscribers even more, they’ve invented a fun mad-libs type game where you can fill in a bunch of words to create silly stories, and share them using the hashtag #DVDme. How do I know this? My mom called me admitting, “We don’t know how to Twitter, but can you please share our (her and my dad’s) story?”

My favorite thing in the world is that my mom literally said – “We don’t know how to Twitter.”

I love her so much. Anyways – I of course tweeted her cute story, and guess what?

DVD Netflix retweeted her!

She’s basically internet famous.

I called her this morning to divulge the good news, to which she responded with, “what’s a retweet?”





How to Craft the Most Perfect Pizza According to My Boyfriend

I recently was making homemade pizza with my family in Maine. No big deal, right? Well, my boyfriend Facetimed me as we were finishing our little creations, and started getting really serious, asking relentlessly about the crust, consistency of sauce, and even the type of toppings we chose.

He divulged that he worked at a pizza shop in high school for 3 years, where he honed his pizza making skills and more importantly, his love for concocting the perfect pizza. I could tell as his voice was quivering with joy and some drool began to form, that he was more than just a connoisseur. He was a full blown pizza extremist*, and today he’s sharing his secrets with us to craft the most delectable Italian-inspired dish topped with cheesy, tomatoey goodness. Read on…

Tip #1: If you’re not using self rising flour, you’re not in the game

Tip #2: The dough is the most important part, then the sauce.

Tip #3: The sauce has to have a strong consistency.

*”The best pizza in the world is Naples, Italy. I only had two days in Italy and I took a train all the way to Naples and walked through several back alleys to go to a pizza shop. I was first in line to get seated.” – Michael

Anyways, Mike’s invasive questions about our pizza party made me laugh, and I hope you were able to find some humor in it too. Although his tips aren’t too profound, I’m just going off of a few texts from him before his phone died. So as soon as his battery is back up, I’ll ask more strategic questions to get to the bottom of what it really takes to make a pizza truly special.

Here’s my brother’s recipe…I hope you enjoy. It was amazing!!

Garlic Butter Recipe:

Fresh Garlic, at least 2 entire Bulbs (3 for stronger flavor)
1 stick (8 T) softened salted butter (e.g. Kerrygold)
1T olive oil
(Seasoning amounts are estimated. I add them to taste, feel free to do the same.)
-1 1/2t Paprika
-1 1/2t Italian herb mix
-1/2t Oregano (optional)
-1/2t Parsley (optional)
-Pepper to taste
-1t Lemon juice (optional)

Prepare in small electric food processor / chopper.

Soften butter at room temperature before mixing for best results.
Peel garlic cloves then chop in food processor.
Add oil, seasonings, and half of the butter to processor and mix thoroughly.
Add remaining butter and keep mixing until you have a smooth, uniform spread.
Store in refrigerator or freezer.


Pizza Dough Recipe:

Yields 4 12″ pizza crusts (~250g each)
625g bread flour (e.g. King Arthur brand)
356g water
3-4g salt
12g sugar and/or honey (e.g. 8g honey, 4g sugar)
31g olive oil
1 small pinch Active Dry Yeast (e.g. Fleischmanns brand)

At least 1 day before cooking, prepare in large covered bowl or pot with lid (e.g. stainless steel). Rising dough triples in size!
These instructions are for mixing by hand.

Start with a poolish, which is a wet fermentation of flour, water, and yeast. It adds flavor and texture to the dough.
Add 300g water, 300g flour, and yeast* to bowl.
*Very little yeast is required, and too much can result in over-rising dough.
Mix thoroughly with spoon, 1-2 minutes. Scrape remainder stuck to spoon back into bowl.
Cover bowl and let sit at room temperature at least 8 hours.
Add to bowl: remaining water (56g), 100g flour, and all other ingredients (salt, sugar, oil).
Mix with spoon until poolish loosens and mixes with everything else, about 1-2 minutes.
Add remainder of flour (225g) in batches of 75-100g at a time, mixing with spoon between batches.
When dough is too thick to mix with spoon, add all remaining flour and thoroughly mix by hand, about 15-20 minutes.
Keep stretching and folding the dough on top of itself (but do not tear) when mixing.
Dough may be sticky, but try to mix as much as possible, adding 1-3T extra flour only as necessary.
Form into ball, place in covered bowl, and let sit at room temperature overnight (or 1-3 days in fridge) before cooking.
Pizza crust:
Spread thin layer of flour (1-2T) on aluminum foil or countertop.
Tear dough into 4 250g dough balls (for 12″ pizza crusts) and place them on floured surface.
Cover dough balls with flour, and with dry hands, gently flatten and spread them into round crusts. Add more flour if dough becomes tacky.
Cook on lightly greased aluminum foil (12″ square sheets) in 460 degree oven, preferably on a preheated cast iron pan or pizza stone.

❤ Bethany



Match.com is Shocked by this Guy’s Crazy “About Me” Intro

So, I may be a little biased, because I think my brother is the coolest guy in the world. But I think you’ll end up in my same biased boat after you surf through this amazing piece of writing he composed.

My brother’s friend (anonymous) is a great guy. He has wanted to meet a great girl for quite awhile. So, he decided to join Match.com. But the infamous “about me” intro wouldn’t write itself. He took a stab at it, but it wasn’t quite right. It was just like all the other intros out there: trying to use catchy words to describe himself, somehow trying to sum up his awesomeness in just a few sentences.

Enter: brother.

Please read on to find the most interesing, crazy, unconventional Match.com profile intro ever written. (At least I think so.)

What the friend first wrote:

Insert cool profile intro here.

What my brother wrote:

When I was a small boy I became lost in the pines.  I went hunting for snails, skipping along a disheveled rock path away from the safety and warmth of my campsite.  In my youthful haste, I stumbled over a rotted log shaped like Italy (or maybe Argentina, I do not have great memory for log shapes any more these days).  This country-shaped log exaggerated my youthful forward momentum and dashed me headlong against the stones.  I could not bring my hands up quick enough.  The blood was instantaneous.  Where was it coming from?  It did not matter, all was grey, then black…

I awoke in an eyrie.  Mother, as I came to know her, was looking at me mawkishly.  I am certain, as I reflect back on things, that she thought I would die before I learned to fly.  But she did not give up on me.  Mother was an eagle.  Not in the figurative sense.  She picked me off the rocks like so much dead carrion, but when she saw I still had life in me she took me as her own.  Her strange featherless boy.  The years passed.  I will spare you the details.  My brothers and sisters grew large and took to the heavens.  I remained in the nest.  I was sure I would die on that cliff face, 1400 meters above wherever.  Mother became ill.  She could no longer forage for grubs and field mice.  I became emaciated and withered alongside Mother.  I awoke one morning with the wind blowing a gale unlike any before (the wind on that cliff always blew, was my constant friend, telling me stories and laughing as it tore through the cliff scrub and rock crags).  The wind spoke to me again that day.  It said “you must take flight, your Mother is dying, and you must take flight.”  I looked to Mother and saw she was crying.  I stood up and placed my foot over the edge of the nest onto the lip of the cliff, I took a deep breath, then another, tilted my head heavenward to feel the brilliant sun on my face, spread my arms, and leapt…     

And then I flew to Reno, and I’d really like to meet a nice girl so I hope you are her.  Let’s fly together, huh?  Sounds like fun.

What do you think? Would you date a guy with this story as his profile intro? 🙂


5 Oddly Aged Mailboxes Resembling Disney Characters & Famous People

Today, I decided to go on a little walk in Newport Beach, Orange County and stumbled upon a ritzy neighborhood. (Not hard to do in Newport.) To my surprise, I found several, somewhat out of place, weathered mailboxes that really caught my eye. They’re all really cute – so cute in fact that I decided to name them – after what other than Disney Characters and famous people! 

Check ’em out:

1. Dopey – Underestimated in charm but has a major cute factor going for him. 

2. The 3 Stooges – Comedy, just pure comedy.    

3. Anastasia, Drizella, and the Stepmom – Almost pretty, until you get close up and realize they’re as big a mess on the outside as the inside.

4. Charlie’s Angels – Major stare down. Obviously ready to kick butt.  mailboxes orange county

5. Nsync – Aligned, poised, in unison…I can almost hear them singing Bye Bye Bye. Starting from the left we have Justin, JC, Lance, Joey, and ….some unknown member.  
Hope you had fun reading! Do you have a better name for these melodramatic mailboxes? Comment below with your ideas!! 😉