But First, Coffee

Hi world. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a moment to sit down and write a little something on my own blog. I’ve been busy writing for my adorable clients, working hard in my business Content Social Media Queen.

So today, I thought I’d start the morning off with a little post about nothing other than the cool, caffeinated beverage that makes the world go round: COFFEE.

As you can see, I’m already almost done with my first cup. 😉


One of my fave at-home drinks to make is a simple espresso. {I found this adorable espresso maker at a local salvation army for $5.}



When I visited The Simple Farm in Arizona, I learned the art of slowing down, savoring a cup of morning coffee, and just taking a moment to pause and thank God for a new day.

Things have been crazy lately. I wake up at 6am, rush off to my new office space in Fullerton, and sit down to work. I get stuck in these ruts of “work, work work” ~ and although working is wonderful, it’s important to find balance and infuse each day with a bit of rest too.

So this morning, I’m doing just that! I like to call it a little “beauty break.”

I hope you join me now {even if it’s for five minutes} to meditate on the things you’re thankful for today while sippin’ on a cup of joe. Even though life is messy, there’s still bits of beauty we can take time to focus on. ❤

P.S. If you don’t have time necessarily to slow down, check out some of The Best Espresso Makers for a quick cup of joe that totally satisfies!




Not Another Pretty Post

stand firm in Christ

Sometimes truth is clothed in thorns

Your heart gets overtaken, tattered and torn

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan

What you thought you had, no longer stands

When everything around you is ripped away

What is it that will make you stay?

Is it integrity or heart or internal drive?

Is it your own source of power that will make you thrive?

Not for me, not for this woman

It’s Jesus that’s alive, it’s Him who lives within

I can’t stand on my own two feet

They wobble, they shake, they fall, I am beat

Lord lift me up – give me clarity

Open my eyes that are blind, help me see

I never had it all figured out

I know that now, and I want to shout!

You and Your plans will always stand

It’s You who makes me steadfast, by Your right hand

I will lean on You in this pain

I will trust that only in Christ there is gain

There’s no profit in my own motives and desires

Only the Lord knows how my future transpires

I trust in you. I trust in you my God.

I lay my head down and my hands applaud

I’ll clap, I’ll sing, I’ll rejoice in You

For in the end, and the beginning, You were always true


6 Satisfying Things I’ve Learned This Year

1) Going Off Course is Not Always Bad

Orange county hike
My friend and I went on a hike. What we thought was going to be a few miles, turned into a 7 mile hike, with the latter half all uphill. Already directionally challenged, we took a wrong turn and didn’t have any gut instinct to tell us to turn around. Even though we didn’t plan on those extra miles uphill in the heat, it was all worth it. We burned more calories, we had more laughs, and discovered new parts of the trail we had never seen before. Which can be paralleled to life. Sometimes those beaten paths that we don’t plan for are actually the best thing for us.

2) Playing with Your Food Can be Good

banana and peanut butter

Eating a banana vs. eating a banana that’s smiling at me. You can guess which one I choose. Call me silly, but food is one of my favorite pastimes and I appreciate when it incorporates art…and a smile.

3) Growing Sideways is Still Growing

Yorba Linda Park
I’m guilty of thinking that I have to make huge leaps and bounds in my growth with God, relationships, and personal life. That I have to magically sprout up like a generously watered tree over night. This weekend, I learned that it’s okay to grow sideways. By that, I mean, it’s okay to have days where I’m just existing. Where I’m just breathing. Where I’m just enjoying my day with a nap. It’s okay to relax, breathe, stretch, and grow sideways sometimes.

4) It’s Easy to Find Beauty in the Every Day


I went on a short stroll and noticed these lovely little petals resting on the earth. I couldn’t help but capture the duo of pink and purple with my camera. Such simple beauty can be found when you seek it.

5) The Beach Never Gets Old

Laguna Beach
Beach walks and God talks are the best – driving along the coast is a close second. I’ve lived in Southern California for two years, and I would be happy if every day was a beach day. But in this season, I will be thankful for the sparse times I’m able to see the waves hugging the sand.

6) Morning Meditations Rock My World

psalm 16:5

“Lord you alone are my portion and my cup.” Psalm 16:5

I’ve been aiming to start each morning talking with God. The days that I do, I notice there’s more peace in my spirit, more patience in my heart, and a natural outpouring of love that comes from His eternal goodness.

(A cup of delicious coffee never hurt anyone either.)

What are some things you’ve learned this year? Share with a comment to inspire others!


Bethany Michaels


Hopeful Romantic Art Journal

One day I was really missing someone I loved. Instead of crying, I decided to capture my emotions and release them inside my art journal. I do not claim to be an artist, but I do enjoy the release of [creatively and colorfully] writing.

Before my employment with Stampington & Co. (p.s. I miss you guys!) I had never heard of the term “art journaling.” And now, I’ve become quite fond of putting it into practice. Here’s a peak inside my piece I’ve titled “Hopeful Romantic.” (I’m happier to think that romance is not hopeless, especially because we are ever changing and growing beings – which allows for hope.)

I’ve never taken any classes, rather I let my emotions teach me what colors to paint and what words to express. Here’s the result:

art journaling crafts Bethany Michaels

hopeless romantic art journal

just breathe patience peace art journal Bethany Michaels



1. If your emotions are rising, grab a binder or journal and prepare to give them a voice with color.

2. Use pencils, paint, stamps, and patience to release whatever burden you’re carrying.

3. You may play music that inspires you. If you’re feeling an artistic block, stand up and do 10 jumping jacks, 10 sit ups, and drink 10 gulps of water. (Hey, you’ll thank me later.)

4. Don’t LET GO! Have fun. Breathe. Promise to put what you’re holding onto behind you.

5. Cherish what you’ve created and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not beautiful.

My love and happy creating,

Bethany Michaels


Happy Valentine’s Day: Thank You, Times a Million

Hi all,

I just wanted to thank you all again from the bottom of my heart. Ryan and I have been so extremely blessed by each and every one of our family members, wonderful friends, brothers and sisters at Park Church, and even some people who we’ve never met. I’ve had unexpected calls and texts from friends, like Gavin who called me and prayed for me over the phone, and Kyle Bateson (my pastor from Living Stones) to let me know him and his wife Amanda are praying for us. I’ve become closer friends with all of Ryan’s friends (who are now my friends!) Alyson and Dani took me to dinner one night just to talk. Kayleen has been pouring into me with prayer, uplifting words, and continual encouragement. Danielle Edison surprised Ryan and I with a card and goodies. My mom has been checking in every day and sent us an awesome care package. My brother (and can I brag for a moment – brilliant physician) Jason, has been an advocate for Ryan’s health and has given us expert tips, advice, and help with the medical aspect. Also his emotional support and words of encouragement have been a great shield when storms have arisen.

Josh Harmony, our Godly friend (and no big deal, professional skateboarder) stopped by the hospital to sing hymns, worship songs, and pray with Ryan.


The “Bald Eagles” as I call them, banned together and shaved their heads as a movement to support Ryan.


Can’t forget our pastor Jeff who joined in too. He usually doesn’t look this creepy in real life. Well actually, I take that back. 😉


Brent Meyers – you and your wifey are amazing at uplifting our spirits, literally! 🙂 #bromance


Brent also put together this event for Ryan! Go check it out:


Tons of friends and family have been donating blood and platelets for Ryan (and eating icecream to avoid passing out.) Thank you so much!


And we’ve been blessed beyond belief by visitors galore! Ryan’s friend Melody drove 8 hours from Northern California just to be here for us!

And look at these hotties:


Thank you Adriana and Greg for bringing Ryan delicious meals so he could skip hospital food. Thank you for your support. Thank you for being such wonderful friends and encouraging us with the word of Christ. Thank you for all you do and continue to do for us. Thank you for your prayers. (Oh sheesh I could go on forever.)

Scarlett and Aaron, Channell and Byron, Ashley and Austin, Erica and Michael, my brother Keithy, April and Nando, Cindy, Shelly, Kolli, Aria, Megan, Sarah…(oh my gosh, did I mention I could go on forever???) Please forgive me if you don’t see your name here, but please know that it’s etched into my heart. Each and every one of you – thank you, times a million.

P.S. If you have any pictures with Ryan or any that show your support, please send them to me: or just use the hashtag #ryankicksleukemiasbutt on FB and Instagram! I’m planning on doing another blog post soon.


God bless,