Cancer is Not Fun

It turns smiles into tears
It claims many years
It turns hopes into screams
And crushes life dreams
Cancer turns our attention inside
And eats away our pride
It devours its victim
And provokes other’s sin
It’s a taunting and violent demon
That robs peace without reason
Like a vandal, it has no compassion
And preys in a sickening fashion
It has turned my hope into sorrow
And left me with no strength to borrow
It made me ask questions I never had in my head
It turned life into something dead
It added weeds and thorns
into my relationships, now torn
It drowned my free decisions
In a puddle of unsolicited and dark visions
Cancer is not fun
But cancer has not won

There is a hope that is heavenly
Which some refuse to see
He brings healing and wisdom
Into places that look grim
He is restoring my weakness
And causes me to rest
He exchanges helpless days
With a desire to seek Him in praise
He transforms my anger and pain
Into an eternal gain
He is patient while I weep
And whispers kindly to me while I sleep
He tells me there’s a reason
and to trust Him in this season
He kisses my forehead and says “Daughter just wait –
I’ve got something glorious planned for you at a later date
Be patient and still and give your griefs to me
Ask for wisdom and I promise you will see
You are not defeated, you are stronger now today
In me, my dearest, you will find your way”

No, cancer is not fun
But cancer has not won



Bethany Michaels


Somerset Life; A Giveaway

Hey, congrats Christine! I’m the Social Media Specialist here at Stampington, and it was a pleasure to read your musings in Somerset Life. All the best, in hopes to partner together again soon. xO

Christine Chitnis

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 12.17.23 PMMy blog has been a constant in my life for over five years now, and I have never appreciated it more than I do now, as a busy mother.  The boys’ baby books, which I started with the best of intentions, sit in the attic collecting dust.  Our family photo albums are woefully in need of an update.  But my blog serves as a memory keeper, a journal capturing the moments of beauty that come along with all the hard work and exhaustion of mothering small children .”

Somerset Life, Winter 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 12.17.42 PMI started blogging the year I married my husband.  We’ve since bought our home, and welcomed two babies.  I’ve launched a new career, published a book and am busy working on the second.  We’ve traveled the world, made amazing friends, and fully explored our beloved city of Providence.  I’ve rediscovered my love of knitting and…

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A New Year Resolution I Never Dreamt of Having

Well, it’s a new year with new opportunities. A chance to mentally recalibrate and focus on those dreams that were hiding behind my curtain of excuses. At the beginning of this month, my fiance Ryan Hulett and I were checking off items on our wedding to-do list.

unnamed (1)

Decide on wedding colors? Check.
Pick our awesome bridal/groom parties? Check.
Set the wedding date? Check.

Then, like a big bang, God decided to divinely intervene and direct our paths to a very different course.

After several tests and biopsies, my strong lion of a man, Ryan Hulett has been diagnosed with an acute form of leukemia. Now, today, we are checking off items on a very different list.

Be blessed with an unexpected overflow of love, prayers, and support from family and friends? Check.
Trust in God and allow His power to work? Check.
Give leukemia the finger? Check.

If you’d like to join us in giving leukemia the middle finger, we’d LOVE you to come along the journey with us! We know it may be a bumpy ride, but I believe we can conquer this season together.

Before I go on ~ I’d love to say a prayer for every single soul who has supported us. From blood donors and prayer warriors, to a simple hug and handwritten cards – we have been so utterly blessed by each and every one of you.

Dear heavenly Father,

I honor you. I worship you and your power. You are omniscient, and omnipresent. You are with us and your spirit dwells in each and every person who believes in your son, Jesus.

Lord, I thank you. I thank you for your power that is seen, felt, and heard in this tumultuous season.

I confess my sins to you. I’m so sorry I have held my fist up to you in anger, and have sulked down in fear. I’m sorry for asking you “why” instead of asking you “how” do you want me to respond in this.

Please forgive my brokenness. Please forgive my flesh.

Jesus, you’ve heard my every prayer for Ryan. Thank you for inclining your ear to hear me. I am undeserving, yet you cover me and tell me I’m valued by the blood of your son.

I pray now for our friends. Our family. Our loved ones who are stepping up to help us in miraculous ways. I pray for their hearts. Please grant them peace. Please be with their thoughts. Lead them with your holy spirit to discern when making decisions and bless their hearts. Shower them with your grace and relentless love. Thank you for your love that shines from inside their hearts. Please bless them Lord and give them prosperous riches in Christ. I thank you that you’ve given them the desire to love Ryan and I so well.

We praise your holy name and humbly, bow before you. We want you to speak to us. We want you to guide us. We want you walk with us in every step of this journey. We deny ourselves, and we take up our cross daily, and we will follow you Lord. We will follow you.

If you have it on your heart to help, here is one more way:

Our dear friend Sharon Bruyere, was led by the Lord to use her talents selflessly, and gift us 25 “love” necklaces. She offered for us to keep 100% of the proceeds, which will go towards Ryan’s doctor bills and any other expenses that have accumulated because of this diagnosis. As Ryan is not currently enrolled in health insurance, we are unsure how much financial coverage he has. You can help by purchasing one of these beautiful necklaces for $30 each. It is a win-win. You get some beautiful new bling bling, and your generosity lifts a layer of money-filled burdens off Ryan’s shoulders.

If you are interested in purchasing one, please comment below and include your name. When I have accounted for all your orders, I will arrange a way to collect your gift of payment. Most likely, I will ask that you send a check or cash through mail.

Shay Designs

P.S. To all the men out there, we know you’d especially look foxy with one of these beauties wrapped around your neck. 😉

Other ways to help:

Again, thank you SO much for every and any way you have helped support us!

In Christ and with love,

Bethany Michaels (and my soon-to-be hubby)


Escapades in Recent Days

blog imgI’ve heard that our lives have stages. Early twenties is a time designated to “find yourself.” Sometime around thirty-five to forty-five, be sure to have your mid life crises. And then when you make it over the hill, you have no where to go but down.

As summer leaves and tides shift,  I too am embracing a new season of life. The season that high school never preps you for. The one that just sort of springs up like an early dawn that you’re expected to understand. The one that tells you you’re old enough to have babies when you still day dream about making forts with your friends. The one that predicts a future full of financial woes and the ever-relentless feeling of “am I doing enough?” The season that promises to burden you with trials, yet demands your patience to endure them.

And as I enter this season, whether I am challenged to find myself, or just to find myself in a (quarter life) crises; I have peace knowing that no matter how many hills I make it over, I will not go down without going back up another.

Bethany Michaels