7 Reasons to Love Orange County

1) Seal Beach Palm Trees

love Orange County Seal Beach

My mom grew up near Seal Beach and told me stories about why she loved it so much. It’s kinda easy to see why…

2) Hiking in Irvine

love Orange County Irvine

Gear up your glutes and get ready for beautiful views of Irvine when you get to the top.

3) Scenery Viewing at Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove

I love Orange County because of this amazing beach. You can almost hear the distant crashing of the waves, right?

4) Back Bay Loop Walking and Biking Trails

Back Bay Loop

The photo does not do the this place justice – but I loved the yellow flowers, so I had to capture. The Back Bay is a beautiful 10 mile stretch (which I don’t advise walking on a warm Cali day.) It’s great to bike, or you can take a stroll just before the sun is setting and enjoy birds chirping and nature stirring. Also, note that you will share the trail with the occasional horse back rider. 🙂

5) Huntington Beach Waves

Huntington Beach

I absolutely adore this beach – and so do all the surfers and laid back beach bums that flock here. Huntington Beach has a very chill atmosphere. If you are a snob and need more glamour, you may want to stick to the infamous Laguna Beach.

Check out this hot spot to grab breakfast or lunch in Huntington Beach.

6) Yorba Linda Hike and Views

Yorba Linda hike

Nuff said.

7) Newport Beach

Newport BeachNewport is a busy beach with lots of beauty. I recommend taking off your worry warts for the day and just letting loose, dance like no one’s watching, playing in the waves.

Do you love Orange County too? Have you written a blog post about its beauty? Comment below and include a link to your blog post about Orange County! I can’t wait to read. 🙂

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