“We Don’t Know How to Twitter”

So, if you didn’t know – Netflix still has this semi-ancient subscription option for people like my mom. Apparently you can order DVD’s in the mail and they ship them directly to you.

I imagine it’s kinda like reading a book. I haven’t quite had the experience myself, but I heard from my grandma that there’s something thrilling about turning the pages of a good book, catching its distinct booky scent, and whatnot.

In the same sense, with #DVDme, subscribers get the enchanting experience of opening up their DVD, feeling the crisp cold disc in their hands, and pressing that ever so satisfying play button as they await their movie fate.

Call me crazy, but you know how all these old school styles are coming back to haunt us…like overalls and those audaciously short skirts like Cher rocked in Clueless? Well, it may be 2018 but I think this DVD thing that Netflix has goin’ on is here to stay.

I mean, they even have a Twitter account.

To entice subscribers even more, they’ve invented a fun mad-libs type game where you can fill in a bunch of words to create silly stories, and share them using the hashtag #DVDme. How do I know this? My mom called me admitting, “We don’t know how to Twitter, but can you please share our (her and my dad’s) story?”

My favorite thing in the world is that my mom literally said – “We don’t know how to Twitter.”

I love her so much. Anyways – I of course tweeted her cute story, and guess what?

DVD Netflix retweeted her!

She’s basically internet famous.

I called her this morning to divulge the good news, to which she responded with, “what’s a retweet?”