Royally Excited for Social Media Queen

Hey ya’ll!

This past year was a living hell. I lived it, and many of you did too by walking alongside of me. THANK YOU. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, and want to get depressed, you can see what I mean right here.

But for now, let’s keep moving because I want to share something good that has given me some hope and newly found purpose.

I have been continually seeking God in prayer about whether or not to pursue a business. I know having your own business doesn’t define you, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time. I continue to pray, but stand firm believing God’s given me an answer, and I’m stepping out in faith that this is the right thing to do.

With that being said, I am so excited to announce that I have finally launched my business site:

email signature

It still needs a lot of work and building, but I’m getting there. If you get a chance, I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think. Your opinion means a lot to me.

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With love,

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Match.com is Shocked by this Guy’s Crazy “About Me” Intro

So, I may be a little biased, because I think my brother is the coolest guy in the world. But I think you’ll end up in my same biased boat after you surf through this amazing piece of writing he composed.

My brother’s friend (anonymous) is a great guy. He has wanted to meet a great girl for quite awhile. So, he decided to join Match.com. But the infamous “about me” intro wouldn’t write itself. He took a stab at it, but it wasn’t quite right. It was just like all the other intros out there: trying to use catchy words to describe himself, somehow trying to sum up his awesomeness in just a few sentences.

Enter: brother.

Please read on to find the most interesing, crazy, unconventional Match.com profile intro ever written. (At least I think so.)

What the friend first wrote:

Insert cool profile intro here.

What my brother wrote:

When I was a small boy I became lost in the pines.  I went hunting for snails, skipping along a disheveled rock path away from the safety and warmth of my campsite.  In my youthful haste, I stumbled over a rotted log shaped like Italy (or maybe Argentina, I do not have great memory for log shapes any more these days).  This country-shaped log exaggerated my youthful forward momentum and dashed me headlong against the stones.  I could not bring my hands up quick enough.  The blood was instantaneous.  Where was it coming from?  It did not matter, all was grey, then black…

I awoke in an eyrie.  Mother, as I came to know her, was looking at me mawkishly.  I am certain, as I reflect back on things, that she thought I would die before I learned to fly.  But she did not give up on me.  Mother was an eagle.  Not in the figurative sense.  She picked me off the rocks like so much dead carrion, but when she saw I still had life in me she took me as her own.  Her strange featherless boy.  The years passed.  I will spare you the details.  My brothers and sisters grew large and took to the heavens.  I remained in the nest.  I was sure I would die on that cliff face, 1400 meters above wherever.  Mother became ill.  She could no longer forage for grubs and field mice.  I became emaciated and withered alongside Mother.  I awoke one morning with the wind blowing a gale unlike any before (the wind on that cliff always blew, was my constant friend, telling me stories and laughing as it tore through the cliff scrub and rock crags).  The wind spoke to me again that day.  It said “you must take flight, your Mother is dying, and you must take flight.”  I looked to Mother and saw she was crying.  I stood up and placed my foot over the edge of the nest onto the lip of the cliff, I took a deep breath, then another, tilted my head heavenward to feel the brilliant sun on my face, spread my arms, and leapt…     

And then I flew to Reno, and I’d really like to meet a nice girl so I hope you are her.  Let’s fly together, huh?  Sounds like fun.

What do you think? Would you date a guy with this story as his profile intro? 🙂


Delicious Potato Side Dish Recipe

fingerling potato dish

I know that in southern California (where I reside) it doesn’t feel like Fall yet. This heat wave has got to STOP! But the hot weather won’t stop me from cooking this delicious potato side dish. Even though it would be most enjoyed on a chilly evening next to my fireplace, I improvised and ate it for lunch with some seasoned chicken. And it was still quite fantastic.

Check out the ingredients you will need:

tiki masala sauce Trader Joes

  • Tiki Masala sauce (my fave is from Trader Joe’s)
  • Fingerling potatoes (also from Trader Joe’s)
  • Olive oil (or as Rachel Ray would say, EVOO)
  • Cumin
  • Tumeric
  • Chili Powder
  • Italian Spices
  • Yellow Onion
  • Minced Garlic (they sell in a little jar at Trader Joe’s)


Throw it all into a sauce pan and cook it, duh!

Ok, I wish it was that easy…but honestly it’s pretty close to being that easy.

For the full recipe, click here: delish potato dish.


Delish Potato Dish Recipe

fingerling potato dish

So, I always joke that I hate baking because I’m ADD and don’t have a long enough attention span to measure things. All joking aside, I don’t enjoy baking half as much as I do cooking, because cooking allows more creative control over my dishes. I love experimenting with spices and flavors that may not traditionally be paired together. Which brings me to the potato dish I’m sharing today!

Follow along with me to learn how to whip up this delish potato dish using mainly Trader Joe’s ingredients (and some magic.)

  1. First, gather your fingerling potatoes and cut them about 1/4″ thick. You don’t want them too thick because it takes longer to cook, but you don’t want them too thin, as they may dry out.
  2. Next, add a couple tablespoons of olive oil and onions into your pot and saute for a couple minutes. Then add minced garlic. After that, my secret trick is to add chicken stock instead of more oil. I do this mainly to cut the calories and fat. After that has been simmering for a bit and soaking up some flavor, add your potatoes and cover. Continue cooking and feel free to lift the lid to check on it and stir every couple minutes.
  3. Once potatoes are almost done cooking, add Tiki Masala sauce to taste and all those yummy spices. I don’t measure them, I just toss them in and go with my heart. Your kitchen should be filled with an absolute divine aroma by now!

If you continue to cook and notice that the potatoes start sticking to the pot, transfer all items to a skillet and add a little more chicken stock. They will cook more evenly this way.

Your potatoes should develop a bit of a crispy edge but still be moist and soft when you bite into them. I suggest getting a fork and trying a potato to see if it’s the right texture for you. (Some people like them soggy, some people like them a little more crisp.) Once it’s just right, remove from the heat and enjoy!

This potato dish would be perfect paired with some tasty chicken or next to a yummy breakfast omelette.

Enjoy and please let me know if you make this dish and how it turns out! 🙂


I’m Free in Christ Alone

santa monica

I took an impromptu trip to Santa Monica this morning. The beach was beautiful, and so were the people who peppered the boardwalk. The crashing waves lured me with their roar. Although I was surrounded by beauty of the present moment, the truth remains that this world is not quite whole. Just like a youthful face succumbing to older age, our earth has wrinkles and blemishes and imperfections. Which leads me to the comfort of the freedom I find in Christ. Not freedom in the ocean breeze. Not freedom in the sand between my toes or the circumstances I’ve been blessed with, but by Jesus alone. In Him, I AM FREE.


5 Oddly Aged Mailboxes Resembling Disney Characters & Famous People

Today, I decided to go on a little walk in Newport Beach, Orange County and stumbled upon a ritzy neighborhood. (Not hard to do in Newport.) To my surprise, I found several, somewhat out of place, weathered mailboxes that really caught my eye. They’re all really cute – so cute in fact that I decided to name them – after what other than Disney Characters and famous people! 

Check ’em out:

1. Dopey – Underestimated in charm but has a major cute factor going for him. 

2. The 3 Stooges – Comedy, just pure comedy.    

3. Anastasia, Drizella, and the Stepmom – Almost pretty, until you get close up and realize they’re as big a mess on the outside as the inside.

4. Charlie’s Angels – Major stare down. Obviously ready to kick butt.  mailboxes orange county

5. Nsync – Aligned, poised, in unison…I can almost hear them singing Bye Bye Bye. Starting from the left we have Justin, JC, Lance, Joey, and ….some unknown member.  
Hope you had fun reading! Do you have a better name for these melodramatic mailboxes? Comment below with your ideas!! 😉