DIY Pretty Phone Charger Case

One day, I was perusing Pinterest and found a pretty cool DIY to camouflage your phone when it’s charging in a pretty case,  but the amount of work it took was enough to drive me crazy. After step 1 billion, I kinda wanted to pull my hair out. So today I want to share with you an easier version of this DIY phone charger holder thingy with the same amount of cuteness and half (or more) the amount of fuss. Plus, you most likely have all of these things laying around your house anyway, so it’s environmentally friendly too!

Phone Charger Holder Case DIY

iphone charge holder

I don’t have step by step photos, but I can surely explain in a simple way how I got from this:

To this:

It doesn’t have to be a Victoria’s Secret gift card box, it can be any little box that is big enough (or small enough) to fit your phone inside.

All I did was:

1) Find 2 different patterned craft papers from my hoarders stash that I thought would look cute together.

2) Cut one patterned paper to shape, and insert inside the bottom box to make sure it fit and glue in place.

phone case

3) Then I wrapped the other patterned paper around the front of the box and taped the excess flaps of paper on the inside where it’s not visible.

As a final touch, I added a dried flower to the front, cuz, well, you can never go wrong with dried flowers in my book. I simply glued down with a glue stick. No fancy shmancy mod podge needed.


If you ♥’d this little project, you might also like my DIY Chalkboard project where I transform a cabinet door into a cute chalkboard for your home.

Until next time,

Bethany Michaels

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