How-to Paint a Tin Can in (Basically) Zero Seconds

Most of you may know me as a huuuuuge exaggerator. I can’t help  it. When it’s hot, it may as well be 1,000 degrees. And when it’s cold, it may as well be negative degrees. So when I say that you can transform a tin can with paint in zero seconds, I mean more like 30 seconds. You might be thinking – 30 seconds?! Aren’t you still exaggerating? My answer is -no! On my honor, I’m being honest. It literally took me 30 seconds to paint this adorable tin can. If you want to add a second coat, you’ll definitely add some time to your watch, but it’s still is a quick and simple project nonetheless.
Follow along for simple instructions paired with photos:

Step 1: Peel Off Label

tin can DIY

Start with a clean tin can. Rinse under warm water for a few moments to make it easier to peel off the label. Proceed to peel off the label. (Yay for common sense!)

Step 2: Get Your Paint Ready

martha stewart paint

For this project, I used Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Decor Paint in Parisian Blue. I love that it’s water-based and non toxic. You can find it at Michaels for under $6 bucks.

*Quick hint: Michaels offers coupons for 40-50% off their items, so I suggest signing up to receive their emails or searching for their coupons online to save even more.)

Step 3: Paint Your Can

Martha Stewart paint

Proceed to paint your tin can. Hold it at the top and rotate while you go. It took me 30 seconds to finish. Also, I might add, I’m okay with imperfections. So if you’re more obsessive compulsive about even looking paint, then it might take you a little bit longer. Plus, like I said before, if you want to paint a second coat, absolutely feel free. Just don’t hold me to that 30 seconds promise I made you earlier. 😉

Step 4: Let Dry

photo 1 (2)

After you’re happy with how your tin can looks, let it dry. It took only about an hour for mine to dry entirely.

Step 5: Prettify your Can

You can use your painted tin to hold a beautiful flower arrangement when it’s in season.

Or you can use it on your desk to hold your favorite pens, in hopes to inspire some musings.

Or, you can fill with DIY paper flowers and perch upon a mini shelf like I did here:

instagram wall art

I’m loving these days of DIY. How would you decorate your tin can and what would you store in it? Comment below and share your ideas!


Bethany Michaels

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