Cancer is Not Fun

It turns smiles into tears
It claims many years
It turns hopes into screams
And crushes life dreams
Cancer turns our attention inside
And eats away our pride
It devours its victim
And provokes other’s sin
It’s a taunting and violent demon
That robs peace without reason
Like a vandal, it has no compassion
And preys in a sickening fashion
It has turned my hope into sorrow
And left me with no strength to borrow
It made me ask questions I never had in my head
It turned life into something dead
It added weeds and thorns
into my relationships, now torn
It drowned my free decisions
In a puddle of unsolicited and dark visions
Cancer is not fun
But cancer has not won

There is a hope that is heavenly
Which some refuse to see
He brings healing and wisdom
Into places that look grim
He is restoring my weakness
And causes me to rest
He exchanges helpless days
With a desire to seek Him in praise
He transforms my anger and pain
Into an eternal gain
He is patient while I weep
And whispers kindly to me while I sleep
He tells me there’s a reason
and to trust Him in this season
He kisses my forehead and says “Daughter just wait –
I’ve got something glorious planned for you at a later date
Be patient and still and give your griefs to me
Ask for wisdom and I promise you will see
You are not defeated, you are stronger now today
In me, my dearest, you will find your way”

No, cancer is not fun
But cancer has not won



Bethany Michaels

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