Happy Valentine’s Day: Thank You, Times a Million

Hi all,

I just wanted to thank you all again from the bottom of my heart. Ryan and I have been so extremely blessed by each and every one of our family members, wonderful friends, brothers and sisters at Park Church, and even some people who we’ve never met. I’ve had unexpected calls and texts from friends, like Gavin who called me and prayed for me over the phone, and Kyle Bateson (my pastor from Living Stones) to let me know him and his wife Amanda are praying for us. I’ve become closer friends with all of Ryan’s friends (who are now my friends!) Alyson and Dani took me to dinner one night just to talk. Kayleen has been pouring into me with prayer, uplifting words, and continual encouragement. Danielle Edison surprised Ryan and I with a card and goodies. My mom has been checking in every day and sent us an awesome care package. My brother (and can I brag for a moment – brilliant physician) Jason, has been an advocate for Ryan’s health and has given us expert tips, advice, and help with the medical aspect. Also his emotional support and words of encouragement have been a great shield when storms have arisen.

Josh Harmony, our Godly friend (and no big deal, professional skateboarder) stopped by the hospital to sing hymns, worship songs, and pray with Ryan.


The “Bald Eagles” as I call them, banned together and shaved their heads as a movement to support Ryan.


Can’t forget our pastor Jeff who joined in too. He usually doesn’t look this creepy in real life. Well actually, I take that back. 😉


Brent Meyers – you and your wifey are amazing at uplifting our spirits, literally! 🙂 #bromance


Brent also put together this event for Ryan! Go check it out:


Tons of friends and family have been donating blood and platelets for Ryan (and eating icecream to avoid passing out.) Thank you so much!


And we’ve been blessed beyond belief by visitors galore! Ryan’s friend Melody drove 8 hours from Northern California just to be here for us!

And look at these hotties:


Thank you Adriana and Greg for bringing Ryan delicious meals so he could skip hospital food. Thank you for your support. Thank you for being such wonderful friends and encouraging us with the word of Christ. Thank you for all you do and continue to do for us. Thank you for your prayers. (Oh sheesh I could go on forever.)

Scarlett and Aaron, Channell and Byron, Ashley and Austin, Erica and Michael, my brother Keithy, April and Nando, Cindy, Shelly, Kolli, Aria, Megan, Sarah…(oh my gosh, did I mention I could go on forever???) Please forgive me if you don’t see your name here, but please know that it’s etched into my heart. Each and every one of you – thank you, times a million.

P.S. If you have any pictures with Ryan or any that show your support, please send them to me: or just use the hashtag #ryankicksleukemiasbutt on FB and Instagram! I’m planning on doing another blog post soon.


God bless,


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